Arp. 2023 Our research was supported by Sony Sensing Solution University Collaboration Program!

Jan. 2023 One new graduate-level course “ENGR859 On-device Machine Learning” was offered at SF state!

Dec. 2022 Two papers were accepted by the 11th International IEEE EMBS Conference on Neural Engineering!

Congratulations Zhenyu and Jimmy!

Dec. 2022 Our research was supported by SF State Research and Scholarly Activity Fund!

Dec. 2022 Our research was supported by CSU STEM-NET Faculty Interdisciplinary Collaborative Research SEED Grant Program!

Aug. 2022 Our team won Sony’s Spresense developer challenge 2022 Grand Prize!

Congratulations Summer Team!

May. 2022 Our research was supported by CSUPERB: Response to Industry Partnership Initiative Seed Grant Program!

Feb. 2021 Our member has been awarded the NSF participation grant to attend IEEE PerCom 2021 conference!

Congratulations Kory!

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