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About this Hub
As a group, we need to improve our knowledge of the fast-growing field of deep learning and its applications.
As an educator, we include a (growing) list of tutorials and resources to educate students in our undergraduate/graduate programs, to help new    members in my lab with basic tutorials, and to help current members understand advanced topics better.
We hope this website helps people who share similar research interests or those interested in learning advanced topics about deep learning.
Please feel free to email me (zwqin@sfsu.edu), if you have comments, questions, or recommendations.
Online Courses
  Machine Learning @ Coursera by Prof. Andrew Ng
      Neural Networks and Deep Learning
      Convolutional Neural Networks
  Deep Learning [Online Modules] @ Stanford by Prof. Andrew Ng
  Python (and programming) @ Coursera by Prof. Jennifer Campbell and Prof. Paul Gries
  Python for Beginners - Learn Python in 1 Hour @Programming with Mosh 
  PyTorch for Deep Learning & Machine Learning @ freeCodeCamp
  A Free Machine Learning University
  TinyML and Efficient Deep Learning Computing @ MIT by Prof. Song Han [Fall 2023]
  Machine Learning Completion @CMU, Prof. Tianqi Chen [Summer 2022]
  Tiny Machine Learning @ Harvard by Prof. Vijay Janapa Reddi [Fall 2022]
  Hardware for Machine Learning @ UC, Berkeley by Prof. Sophia Shao [Spring 2021]
  Deep Learning for Computer Vision @ Stanford by Prof. Fei-Fei Li [Spring 2023]
  Neural Networks for Machine Learning by Prof. Geoffrey Hinton [2016]
  [book] Deep Learning by Ian Goodfellow, Yoshua Bengio and Aaron Courville

  [General Idea] Deep Learning Frameworks: Computation Graphs
  Pytorch Vs Tensorflow, PyTorch or TensorFlow?
  Pytorch, Mobile
  Tensorflow, Lite, Microcontrollers, Playground
  TVM: An Automated End-to-End Optimizing Compiler for Deep Learning, Github
  TensorRT, Github
  Nvidia NGC
  Artificial Intelligence for Embedded Systems (AIfEs), Github
  Nvidia Deep Learning Examples Github (Pyotch/Tensorflow Models)
  Facebook Detectron2 
Development Platform
  Edge Impulse
  Android Development for Beginners @ freeCodeCamp

 Nvidia Jetson, Nano
 Sony Spresense

 Browse State-of-the-Art
 Machine Learning Roadmap, Github, Video

  Understanding SSD MultiBox — Real-Time Object Detection In Deep Learning
  SSD object detection: Single Shot MultiBox Detector for real-time processing
  Review: SSD — Single Shot Detector (Object Detection)
  YOLO Algorithm by Andrew Ng

  The Evolution of Mobile CNN Architectures
  A Basic Introduction to Separable Convolutions

Awesome Papers

SFSU Teaching

ENGR 859 On-device Machine Learning

Graduate-Level Course: SP’23

ENGR 844 Embedded Systems 

Graduate-Level Course: FL’20

ENGR 456 Computer Systems

Undergraduate-Level Course: SP’21, FL’21, SP’22, FL’22

ENGR213/214 Introduction to C programing for Engineers/Laboratory

Undergraduate-Level Course: FL’ 20, SP’21, FL’21, SP’22, FL’22, SP’23, FL’23

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